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NEW ITEM: Badass Bottle Breacher

Hey Guys!

We're glad to announce that we've partnered with Bottle Breacher in order to introduce you to an awesome new addition to the Badass Beard Care products, which is the Badass Beard Care Exclusive Black Bottle Breacher. Bottle Breachers are hand crafted .50 Caliber bottle openers made by Military Veterans.

These 50-caliber bottle openers are made from recycled bullets & were used to defend our country but now, Bottle Breachers are considered perfect wedding favors (or as Best Man/Groomsmen gift) and they can also be used as gifts during Fathers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions.

Aside from the Bottle Breacher itself, you can also request for custom engraving services which costs only $7 or include a really badass looking box for only $5.

Bottle Breachers have been featured in Shark Tank and even famous celebrities like Bradley Cooper and THE Clint Eastwood bought their own Bottle Breachers. Awesome right? Well, it gets better because as of this writing, there's an ongoing Facebook Giveaway at BOTTLE BREACHER where you can with the following items just by liking, commenting and sharing:

  • RED Badass Beard Care Bottle Breacher
  • BLACK Badass Beard Care Bottle Breacher
  • Patriot Badass Beard Balm
  • Patriot Badass Beard Oil
  • Black Butterfly Comb

Note that this contest ends today (March 8) at 11:59pm EST so if you want to get free Badass Beard Care products for that brag-worthy beard plus Badass looking Bottle breachers, better hurry and participate in the giveaway. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only.

In case you missed the giveaway, don't worry, we got you covered because you can buy the BOTTLE BREACHER at the Bottle Breacher site:

We're also happy to announce that all Badass Beard Club Member gets a 10% discount applied to Bottle Breachers purchases. You can find out more about it in our members only discount page:

Beard on, you Badasses!