Our Story


I grew up around heavily bearded, manly men who rode Harleys and drank whiskey. The beards were a way of life. I had always known that when I became a man, I too would grow a Spartan of a beard! And maybe even airbrush some abs. But in the wake of 9/11, I enlisted and my dreams of god like facial hair were put on hold. 10 years later, I was medically discharged from injuries sustained while serving, and finally was able to start my glorious beard journey! A month into it and I wanted to scratch the skin off my face, and my wife was tired of the rough texture and lingering smell of whatever I had for lunch. I didn't want to cut it off so I set out to find something that might help. There was literally nothing in local healthcare stores, so I found myself in a specialty beard and mustache store at the mall. They sold me a small bottle (1/2 oz) of beard balm for $25 and told me it would help. I immediately didn't like the strong smell of the "lightly scented" product, and I couldn't justify that price. I still figured I would use the rest of it to see if it would help with the itch or coarseness of my beard. It actually made my skin burn. I read the ingredients and found that it had turpentine in it! That stuff should not be anywhere near your mouth or left on the skin. Its the same stuff that is used in paint thinner. So, I threw that in the trash and set out on making my own oils and balms. After a lot of trial and error, I found a base formula using premium oils that did wonders for my beard, and both the wife and I started to love my new masculine work of art. I gave some to my bearded friends and to the vets at the veteran center at my college, and they all loved it so much they asked me to start selling it to them. So the adventure began! To this day I still use the same premium oils that I used in the small batches for myself when I first started and I believe the quality will blow you away. I hope you enjoy my beard oils and beard balms as much as I do. Beard on my friends!